Gump’s Presents: Cause Celebrate

As a young designer, I feel very fortunate when I am able to be a part of various events within the industry.  The latest one I was involved in is a tabletop setting at Gump’s.  In honor of the Fall Antique Show and to celebrate two anniversaries: Gump’s 150th and The San Francisco Fall Antique Show’s 30th, five designers –  Orlando Diaz-Azcuy, Suanne Lovell, Dara Rosenfeld, Rose Tarlow, and Amy Weaver – designed table top settings at Gump’s. The tables will be showing until October 31st; if you’re downtown make sure to come check them out.

Our theme at Weaver Design Group was Global Celebration. We were inspired by a photograph of Mediation Dome in Rishikesh, India by a local artist, Danielle Mourning. Once we saw the photograph a vision blossomed. Borrowing from a multitude of cultures, WDG’s table represents the passion of life.

The install of our table took hours. But I must admit it was quite awesome to spend the day at Gump’s. Some shots from the install… 

and the final product…. (which we are absolutely in LOVE with)…

Much love to all of the people who made our vision become a reality…

The photograph of Mediation Dome in Rishikesh, India by a local artist, Danielle Mourning

Indonesian screen and Buddha Statues from Via Diva

Custom table by Thomas Fetherston

Flowers by Claire Marie

Rug from Tony Kitz

And a special thanks to all of the talented people of Gump’s for all of your help

And last, but not least…  thanks to Drew Altizer for the awesome photographs of last nights event.

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