Artist Profile #2: Dorothy Draper

The lowdown…


In 1923 she established the 1st interior design company in the US and therefor  “professionalized” the interior design industry

Style:  mischievous, fun, refreshing contrast and boldness

She believed in the idea of “if it looks right, it is right”

She invented “Modern Baroque”

In her day, Dorothy was the prima donna of the decorating business –  She gave decorating advice in her regular column for Good Housekeeping Magazine, designed fabric lines,  theaters, department stores, commercial establishments, private corporate offices, the interiors of jet planes  , automobiles (she did a “line” for Packard and Chrysler in the 1950’s – including a pink polka dot truck!).

One of my favorite Dorothy Draper quotes…

The beautiful lady herself…


Benjamin Moore special palette Dorothy Drapery palette

Her gorgeous early Espana dresser, 1950

She truly was an inspiration. Thank you Dorothy for paving the road for us designer’s today. Much love, xoxoxo.

shout out the the sources: Dorothy Draper Co, SquidooLili Hill, Sabina Vavra, Amazon, Apartment Therapy, Bond and Bowery

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