A True Home {part one}

The desire to create home has been on my mind. A true home. A place I can kick up my feet and stay awhile. To me, a home is more than your surroundings, it’s also a feeling. A feeling of being comfortable. Being able to dance around my kitchen in my panties or naked for that matter. A place that smells familiar, like baked cookies and my favorite candle scent, Tahitian Gardenia . Not like some weird food my roommate cooked. A place that is warm and inviting. A place that is filled with love. Where love is made.  A place where I can open the window and hear the sweet sound of the waves crashing. A place that is me. A place that is mine.

Envisioning home {the feeling}…

What does “home” mean to you??? Is it a feeling? Or your surroundings? Or the people you share it with? Maybe a combo? Maybe so much more. Please do share.

Shout out to the sources: Pinterest, Classy in the City, Classy in the CityPinterest, Where is the Cool?, Classy in the City, Pinterest

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3 thoughts on “A True Home {part one}

  1. For me home is were my heart is. It’s not my words, I don’t know who said them first, but it’s so true. Home is were I feel like I belong, and if I belong, the surroundings don’t really matter.

  2. “home is where the heart is” – there’s a reason the saying has been quoted time and time again. thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. coco says:

    i absolutely love this, and love thinking about home, too. it’s safe, it’s a sanctuary…it’s where there is love. and food! and music! and fun, sleep, alone time, family time…all creating a feeling so warm and welcoming…home is where the heart is- all the way. agreed! thanks for the great imagery!

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