The Love of Books

I absolutely love books. I love the way they feel. I love the way they look. I love the way they smell. I love looking at my bookshelf and seeing my various travel books, the books I’ve read and the books that are collecting dust in the overwhelming must read pile. I have been pondering purchasing a nook or a kindle but have not taken the leap. I don’t think I can part way with my ever dear books. Not only are they amazing and add character to a home but there are many decorate possibilities too!!!

Switch the orientation and a great way to decorate a kid’s room

Love this table…

Not just for interior decor…

Don’t have a table? That’s ok, stack books!

Love this!!!

Shout to the source: Pinterest (my decorate album)

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4 thoughts on “The Love of Books

  1. Caroline says:

    Great ideas to involve books into your living space! I also love books. I have a kindle, but it took awhile before I finally bought one. Honestly, I like the feel of real books better. I love the children’s room and the magical book arch.

  2. Followed a link from Carolyn’s blog . . . LOVE the ideas here!!!

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