To The Streets

Graffiti… art or a crime?

Cultures have used graffiti as a way to express themselves for ages.  The word graffiti simply means–words or drawings scratched or scribbled on a wall and the word comes from the Greek term “graphein” (to write). Is graffiti –  art or a crime? You decide…

“Graffiti is revolutionary, in my opinion”, he says, “and any revolution might be considered a crime. People who are oppressed or suppressed need an outlet, so they write on walls—it’s free.” Terrance Lindall

Location: San Francisco / Artist: Bansky
Location: Brooklyn, NY – “Live, Work, Create”
Location: Mission District, San Francisco – “Art is the World”
Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY /  Photographer: Daniel A. Norman
Location: Naples, Italy / “Ti Amo” –  photographer: Emily Atkinson

via Look Like Good Design

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