Ode to Autumn

As Thanksgiving approaches, autumn is in full effect in San Francisco and within me.  As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, it is a time to balance the light and dark within us. Fall is a time to go inward. A time to self reflect. A time to hibernate. As the trees shed their leaves, it is a time for us to let go and release things that have been a burden.

Fall in the past has been the most difficult season for me. I fought me for too long and fought going inward. This year, things have changed. Things have shifted within. I find myself turning off my phone. Craving “me” time. Going inward. And what better place to that than in the comfort of my home, my sanctuary…

Shout out the sources: Peony & Fig, Peony & Fig, Peony & FigClassy in the City

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