Travel Diary: Italia {Part 2} – Napoli

A few weeks ago I posted “Italia {Part 1) – Roma” which briefly describes the first portion of my trip to Italy a few years ago and how I absolutely fell head over heals in love. Here is Part 2 …

From Rome we traveled south to Naples. We used Naples as a base to take day trips to Pompeii, Capri, and the Almalfi coast. My two favorite things about Naples are the pizza and the place we stayed. If you are visiting Naples you MUST eat at Da Michelle (via Cesare Serale 1). The hostel was called 6 Small Rooms. It was only 20 euros a night and the experience and the people I met were amazing. I met an Australian girl named Luci, we both rearranged our trips slightly so we could rendezvous in Cinque Terre later in our trips, but (of course) that adventure will come in a bit. For now, Napoli and the surrounding area…



the island of Capri…

capri: emily atkinson

bus ride down the Almalfi Coast. My favorite town was Positano (pics below)…

positano: emily atkinson

positano: emily atkinson

Source: Me, if you reuse any of the pictures please give me credit. xooxox

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