Alameda Flea Market

Happy Monday my lovelies. Have I mentioned that I love Flea Markets? Well, I do. The first Sunday of the month is like Christmas morning. I wake up way too early for a Sunday, but excited for what the morning will bring. I cross the bay bridge to venture to the other side of the Bay with my partner in crime. We chat about all the finds that await us at the Alameda Flea Market. As we pull into the parking lot we know we are almost there and we are smiling from ear to ear. We stand in line, buy our tickets, get a shopping cart and we enter… kinda like a candy store for adults, but better…

TIP… we got there a little late this time and it made the experience quite overwhelming. My suggestion is to get there early. I like arriving at about 8:30. By the time you’re done the crowd is arriving. Oh and check out Vesta for yummy flatbread sandwiches.

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2 thoughts on “Alameda Flea Market

  1. drawandshoot says:

    Your photographs are beautiful!

  2. thank you! gotta love the hipstomatic app on the iphone 🙂

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