Travel Diary: Italy Itinerary

I traveled throughout Italy in April of 2009 and for the last couple of weeks I have been posting about my magical experience.  I have discussed Rome and Naples, but it occurred to me that I have not discussed my itinerary. It probably would have been a good place to start.

This was my first time traveling abroad for an extensive period. To be honest, I was a little nervous and what gave me a peace of mind was knowing where I was resting my head every night. As you can see from my below “itinerary” I dialed in many of the details before leaving home. This system worked very well.

March 31st: leave SF at 8:30 am

April 1st: arrive in Rome at 8:45 am

April 2nd – 4th: Rome

April 5th: travel to Naples via train

April 6th: Naples (day trip to Pompeii)

April 7th: Naples (day trip to the island of Capri)

April 8th: Naples (1st lazy/laundry – much needed on both accounts)

April 9th: Naples (bus ride down the Almalfi coast)

April 10th: spend day in Naples / overnight train to Palermo

April 11th: arrive in Palermo in the morning

April 12th: Palermo (Easter, Pasqua in Italian)

April 13th – 15th: Palermo

April 16th: travel to Venice via Plane (arrived in the morning)

April 17th: travel to Cinque Terre via train

April 18th & 19th: Cinque Terre

April 20th: Travel to Florence (stop at Pisa on the way)

April 21st – 25th: Florence

April 26th: Travel to Rome

April 27th – 29th: Rome

April 30th: fly home to SF

I was impressed with my planning. I enjoy traveling on the slower side and gave myself sufficient time in each place with the exception of Venice. I was only there for 18 hours and it was a whirlwind, but more about that when I discuss Venice. I loved starting my trip in Rome (my favorite city) and ending my trip there. The trip was perfect. I truly fell in love and plan on having a travel love affair with Italy for the rest of my life. Maybe I will move there…

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