Feeling Right

I’ve had this feeling for some time, this feeling that there is something more. That there is something else I should be doing.  Something that would align better with my values and who I am. I can’t explain the feeling besides I just know. I came across the below excerpt from “The Happiness Project” and was quite relived that others feel the same as I do…

“To be happy, I need to generate more positive emotions, so that I increased the amount of joy, pleasure, enthusiasm, gratitude, intimacy, and friendship in my life. That wasn’t hard to understand. I also needed to remove sources of bad feelings, so that I suffered less guilt, remorse, shame, anger, envy, boredom, and irritation. Also easy to understand. And apart from feeling more “good” and feeling less “bad,” I saw that I also needed to reconsider feeling right.

“Feeling right” was a trickier concept: it was feeling that I’m living the life I am supposed to lead. In my own case, although I’d had a great experience as a lawyer, I’d been haunted by an uncomfortable feeling – that I wasn’t doing what I was “supposed” to be doing. Now, although my writing career can be a source of “feeling bad” as well as “feeling good,” I do “feel right.”

“Feeling right” is about living the life that’s right for you – in occupation, location, marital status, and so on. It’s also about virtue: doing your duty, living up to the expectations you set for yourself.

Page 66 – The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin 

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