April’s Mantra: Let it Go!

Can you believe it’s already April?!? Where’s the time going?

Last month, inspired by The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, I introduced the idea of a monthly mantra. April’s mantra is LET IT GO. As I write this I am still not sure how to let go. Hopefully by the end of the month I will have a better idea.

My plan to LET IT GO…

  1. 3 week gentle cleanse
  2. Restart my yoga practice. I vow to do a downward dog every day and go to 2 classes a week.
  3. Purge & go through my belongings. I plan on going through all of my material belongings and having a yard sale at the end of the month.
  4. Forgive and let go of the pain others have caused me. This is a hard one. I am going to write letters to the people who have hurt me, done me wrong or that I have ill feelings towards. I will not send the letters. It’s just an exercise to express how I feel.

Please feel free to join me this month with letting go. Or let me know any other useful tips on letting go. Wish me luck. xoxox.


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2 thoughts on “April’s Mantra: Let it Go!

  1. evelyne says:

    Know that when you’re forgiving someone, your forgiving them for YOU!!, helped me reach forgiveness. Also, what did I learn from that experience, what purpose did it serve my growth???? They were put there for a reason. It’s our perception. We are the ones holding on to all the feelings of attachment and all of the discomfort as they have probably moved on with their life and are just dandy. my mantra…. i forgive you, i bless you and i let you go. in the beginning you’re just saying the words until the day the words resonate within and YOU are free. YaHOO

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