unwelcome companion

Fear of the unknown is truly a bitch! I have been going nonstop since I quit my toxic job. Now I am standing still and fear of the unknown is suffocating me. I need to sit with this fear, make friends with it as I am sure this fear will be accompanying me as unwelcome companion over the next several months.

Fear, you are what held me back from following my path sooner. I stayed in a career which made me miserable because of you. I was paralyzed and couldn’t take the plunge. But you know what Fear?!? You will no longer hold me back. I have quit my job. I have taken the plunge and have leaped into the world of the unknown. Fear, my unwelcome friend, I propose this… let’s make a truth. If you don’t get in my way I will allow you to linger, but only as a whisper to remind me what I am striving towards. If we must live together, let’s live in peace.

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3 thoughts on “unwelcome companion

  1. Sarah says:

    I needed this today….thank you!

  2. bluecookcat says:

    Very well said. I definitely needed to read something like this to get me back on point with my life–thank you for writing this. 🙂 Have a great day!

  3. Hi ^_^ I’m new to WordPress. I like your blog it is pretty and has very nice pictures, do you take any of them yourself? Hopefully we can be friends. Peace Love Laughter to you ^_^

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