The Best Journey of All

Hello darlings. It’s been awhile! I apologize for being distant, but I just returned from traveling in Bali. A few months back I made the best decision of my life and took the plunge into the unknown. I quit a job which did not bring me happiness or fulfillment, sold a majority of my belongings and stepped away from the life I knew. I decided to travel across the world alone to an unfamiliar place. I desperately needed to spend some quality time with me. I had no idea what to expect. The only thing I knew was I no longer could live the life I was living.

Why Bali? To make a long story short… it just was. Bali was whispering to me, calling to my soul, seducing my heart from afar. “Emily… are you listening? Emily… are you there? Emily… it is time…come to me.” I listened and I went. It was the best decision of my life.

During the first few weeks in Bali I was focused on finding clarity. Mainly clarity of what to do for a living. At the time I was still surrounded by a fog of westernized programming and believed what I did for a living defined who I was. The fog started to lift, continued to lift and disappeared. I was no longer sleep walking through life. I was awakened. With my eyes and heart fully opened I let go of the idea of finding clarity. What I found was so much more important. I found me. I met me.

I realize that not everyone can drop everything and travel across the world, but everyone can benefit by spending quality time with themselves. Step away from your comfort zone. Step away from your routine. Take a journey into yourself. It doesn’t have to be 3 months. It doesn’t have to be Bali. It can be a long weekend. It can be a four hour block of time on a Sunday afternoon. Just take time for yourself. Alone. Get reacquainted with yourself. Meet yourself. Your true self. And guess what, you may even like that person.


Shout out to the sources: Vogue & Coffee & Pinterest

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