Autumn, a time to …

I love love love Autumn! The crisp air, chunky sweaters and scarves, the colors the leaves turn is a visual feast for the eyes, the beginning of the holiday season and reading by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. Pure Coziness.

Not only is Autumn a time of coziness, but as the leaves begin to fall we are reminded Autumn is a time to let go. The equal time between night and day reminds us of the importance of balance. And as Thanksgiving approaches we are reminded to be grateful. So this fall let’s LET GO, live in BALANCE and BE THANKFUL.

Shout out the sources: Pinterest, Pinterest, Clean & Scentsible and Side by Side Blog

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One thought on “Autumn, a time to …

  1. elatlboy says:

    Lot’s to love about Autumn, especially the leaves changing colors and anything pumpkin related. 🙂 Can’t do enough walking, hiking and driving this time of year. Great leaf shot! With the holidays approaching definitely a time to be grateful and thankful.

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