The Post-Travel Blues

I’ve caught a case of the post-travel blues. Today, I have been home for 3 weeks and find myself longing for Bali. Lush green rice paddies, motorbikes, watching the Balinese children fly kites, chatting with fellow travelers over a Bintang, beauty wherever you look and most of all I long for the way I felt when I was traveling. I felt alive, awake, free, centered, and confident. I was always inspired and grateful.

“It’s a funny thing about comin’ home. Looks the same, smells the same, feels the same. You’ll realize what’s changed is you.” (Benjamin Button)

My physical body is in a place that is familiar to me. It is the place I grew up. It’s where my parents’ home is. Even though I have spent over 15 years living here, I feel as if I am on Mars. The people here are Martians. I don’t understand them and they don’t understand me. I was only gone a few months and while nothing changed at “home, everything has changed within me. I feel more alone here than I ever did being in a foreign land. I have a case of the post-travel blues.

Since hopping on the next flight from SFO to Indonesia is not an option. I need to find a cure to the post-travel blues.

My remedy…

#1: Cultivate the feelings of travel. Ask yourself… How did I feel when I was traveling? What did I like the most? How can I cultivate those feeling here, at home?

Cultivating the feelings you had when you were traveling is not an easy task, but it will keep the travel alive within you and will also keep you living in the present. Did you spend months in Italy and you miss the food and language? Sign up for an Italian language course. Dine at an authentic Italian restaurant with authentic Italian servers.

#2: Do new things. It is important not to get sucked into old habits that no longer serve you, a changed traveler. Part of the excitement of traveling are the feelings which arise from the newness. Make sure to add new activities into your schedule. Take a swing dancing class, go rock climbing, go sky diving, or join a kickball league. Do new activities that excite you and give you a sense of adventure.

#3: Find a community that gets you, the new you! It’s important to surround yourself with people who understand what you are going through and that support you. Take advantage of Facebook to reach out to the people you met along your journey. If they are back home, they surely know what you are going through. Find local traveler Meetup Groups. Read travel blogs. Nomadic Matt is just one of the thousands of inspiring travel blogs. Or start your own blog! And remember you are not alone!

#4: Be a tourist at home. Buy a guide book or Google “must see” in (insert where you live here), put on your best ridiculous tourist outfit and play tourist for a day! You know those people you see riding a Segway, be one!!!

#5: Pick the next destination and start saving! It is never too soon to start thinking about your next adventure. Pick a destination, purchase a Lonely Planet Guide Book and start saving!

How do you deal with the post-travel blues? What’s your remedy? Please share.

Shout out the sources:  No Borders Daily

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5 thoughts on “The Post-Travel Blues

  1. evelyne says:

    I too have the gypsy spirit, love to pack up and head out. I also love coming home, most of the time, bringing back an object that represents that time to remind me, to trigger, to spark that inviitation of keeping it alive inside of me. It’s a part of me now, saving to go again and again. You are a wonderful soul and I feel very grateful that you share a part of yourself with me. blessings to you beauty.

    • you are so right about bringing home an “object”… i have a little Ganesha statue I purchased in Ubud and it invokes so many great memories and helps me become centered when meditating. And thank you for sharing a part of yourself with me. Love & light… xx

  2. elatlboy says:

    Recently returned home from time in San Francisco and was depressed, wanting to get on a plane and go right back. It’s my favorite place to travel too. Have done #4 a lot, but never with tourist type clothing on, need to try that! 🙂 Always planned or thinking about future travels which helps too.

    • I really suggest adding the costume/clothing to #4… it’s so much fun! Or another fun thing you can do is take a ton of ridiculous photos. My friend and I went around San Francisco taking pictures of us doing the peace sign in every single shot. Every time I look at the pictures I start to laugh. Even thinking about them makes me laugh. After a few drinks too, things can get out of hand 🙂 … thanks for sharing… xx

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