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Owning your Awesomeness

What if we lived a life in which we accepted ourselves just the way we are? What if we accepted other people just the way they are? What if we took it one step further and replaced accept with love? Just imagine if we didn’t live life striving to be someone which we can’t be. A square peg cannot fit in a round hole.  And why would it want to?

Too much energy is placed into believing the way we are is not okay. It’s as if there is a rulebook which we follow and check in with as to what we can be or not be. Our parents, society and friends all influence this rulebook. Ideally this so-called rulebook would be tossed away, ignored, forgotten, but that is not possible. How can you throw away ideas that are so deeply ingrained in your mind? Even if these ideas are false. Since we cannot just simply throw away these false ideas we need to learn to accept the we are. Not the way society wishes us to be or anyone else wishes us to be. Love and accept your race, your gender, your sexuality, your love handles, your insecurities, your freckles and everything else! It all makes you a part of who you are.

You are perfect just the way you are. You are beautiful just the way you are. There is only one of you and that’s pretty freakin awesome!

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A Place …

 to dream…

 to create…

to relax…

 to gather…

 to ponder…

to make love…

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Autumn, a time to …

I love love love Autumn! The crisp air, chunky sweaters and scarves, the colors the leaves turn is a visual feast for the eyes, the beginning of the holiday season and reading by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. Pure Coziness.

Not only is Autumn a time of coziness, but as the leaves begin to fall we are reminded Autumn is a time to let go. The equal time between night and day reminds us of the importance of balance. And as Thanksgiving approaches we are reminded to be grateful. So this fall let’s LET GO, live in BALANCE and BE THANKFUL.

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Change is Good

Happy Tuesday my darlings. I have an exciting announcement… “The Boho Life” will now be called “The Harmony Notebook”. Please bear with me during the transition. After all change is good, right?

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*Revision 9/20/12* After much thought and consideration… The Boho Life will stay The Boho Life for the time being… much love!

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Hot Chocolate & Bed

Lately, I have this obsession for hot chocolate and my bed. Maybe the slight obsession was brought on by sleeping in foreign beds for the last several months. I never minded, it’s part of the travel adventure, but at the moment nothing quite compares to crawling into my cozy bed with a warm cup of hot chocolate… hmmm yummy goodness.

What do you look forward to coming home to after a long trip? Please do share.

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unwelcome companion

Fear of the unknown is truly a bitch! I have been going nonstop since I quit my toxic job. Now I am standing still and fear of the unknown is suffocating me. I need to sit with this fear, make friends with it as I am sure this fear will be accompanying me as unwelcome companion over the next several months.

Fear, you are what held me back from following my path sooner. I stayed in a career which made me miserable because of you. I was paralyzed and couldn’t take the plunge. But you know what Fear?!? You will no longer hold me back. I have quit my job. I have taken the plunge and have leaped into the world of the unknown. Fear, my unwelcome friend, I propose this… let’s make a truth. If you don’t get in my way I will allow you to linger, but only as a whisper to remind me what I am striving towards. If we must live together, let’s live in peace.

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you’re my person

This is for my girls, for my family, for my mom, for the people who have stood beside me and continue to stand beside me. I honor you. I honor our relationship. You give me strength. You allow me to be me. I have so much love for you. Namaste. The light in me bows to the light in you.

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May’s Mantra: Have Fun!

For the last couple of months I have had a monthly mantra. For March, Life is not a to list. For April, Let it go! And May’s mantra is Have Fun! This seems perfectly fitting for all of the exciting adventures I have planned. Friday is my last day of work, then I’m off to Costa Rica, then Vancouver, then Bay to Breakers in San Francisco and then I head to Bali in June. Lots of exciting things coming up and May will definitely be a month of fun activities!

Quit your job, buy a ticket… check & check…

Costa Rica… we will meet again in 72 hours!

Then Vancouver with my Mum…

Bay to Breakers in San Francisco…

And I’m sure I will have many days hanging out with friends, picnicking, basking in the sun and drinking wine…

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Crushing on Coral

The color coral brings a smile to my face and happiness to my heart. Coral says spring is here and summer days are just around the corner. It’s a combo of orange and pink. It’s feminine. It’s a color in sunsets. It’s fun & vibrant!

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