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born to be free

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Owning your Awesomeness

What if we lived a life in which we accepted ourselves just the way we are? What if we accepted other people just the way they are? What if we took it one step further and replaced accept with love? Just imagine if we didn’t live life striving to be someone which we can’t be. A square peg cannot fit in a round hole.  And why would it want to?

Too much energy is placed into believing the way we are is not okay. It’s as if there is a rulebook which we follow and check in with as to what we can be or not be. Our parents, society and friends all influence this rulebook. Ideally this so-called rulebook would be tossed away, ignored, forgotten, but that is not possible. How can you throw away ideas that are so deeply ingrained in your mind? Even if these ideas are false. Since we cannot just simply throw away these false ideas we need to learn to accept the we are. Not the way society wishes us to be or anyone else wishes us to be. Love and accept your race, your gender, your sexuality, your love handles, your insecurities, your freckles and everything else! It all makes you a part of who you are.

You are perfect just the way you are. You are beautiful just the way you are. There is only one of you and that’s pretty freakin awesome!

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