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Bohemian Interiors

Bohemian is often described as “A person, possibly an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices”. Not much differs when a Bohemian soul decorates their home. Bohemian interiors are eclectic. They do not follow rules, fads or fashions. Bohemian homes are inspired by world travel and decorated with objects from afar. A true bohemian does not worry about purchasing expensive items, but rather items with character. The homes are often colorful, whimsical and full of vintage elements. Bohemian homes have soul.

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Hot Chocolate & Bed

Lately, I have this obsession for hot chocolate and my bed. Maybe the slight obsession was brought on by sleeping in foreign beds for the last several months. I never minded, it’s part of the travel adventure, but at the moment nothing quite compares to crawling into my cozy bed with a warm cup of hot chocolate… hmmm yummy goodness.

What do you look forward to coming home to after a long trip? Please do share.

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Spring {esque) Decor

I just love spring. Not only are the days are longer, but everything seems brighter.  Here are some interiors (and exteriors) that use pops of color to brighten the decor.

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The Unexpected

Life is full of twists, turns and little surprises. I spent the last week in New York and while I love New York the trip gave me a deep appreciation of my life – where I live, where I work, my family and my friends. Sometimes the unexpected is just what’s needed to put life into perspective.

Here’s to the unexpected…

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A Place to Get lost {with words}

My dream home consists of many elements, but a library (along with a large closet) is at the top of the list. A cozy, comfortable place to cuddle up with a book. Somewhere quite. Somewhere serene. A place that I can become enchanted with the words and loose all sense of time and reality.

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Yogi Love = YogaGlo

The universe never fails and always provides. I have wanted to start a home yoga practice for ages. I lay out my mat, light some candles and begin my practice. I make it through one maybe two Vinyasa’s before getting distracted and hoping off my mat. This was before YogaGlo. YogaGlo has and will change my yoga practice. The website streams yoga classes for only$18 a month. $18 is the going rate for one yoga class in San Francisco. Not only is YogaGlo affordable, but you can choose the teacher, the type of class, the amount of time you’d like to practice and the level. The site even has meditation classes. I’m in yogi love.

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Ode to Autumn

As Thanksgiving approaches, autumn is in full effect in San Francisco and within me.  As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, it is a time to balance the light and dark within us. Fall is a time to go inward. A time to self reflect. A time to hibernate. As the trees shed their leaves, it is a time for us to let go and release things that have been a burden.

Fall in the past has been the most difficult season for me. I fought me for too long and fought going inward. This year, things have changed. Things have shifted within. I find myself turning off my phone. Craving “me” time. Going inward. And what better place to that than in the comfort of my home, my sanctuary…

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A True Home {part one}

The desire to create home has been on my mind. A true home. A place I can kick up my feet and stay awhile. To me, a home is more than your surroundings, it’s also a feeling. A feeling of being comfortable. Being able to dance around my kitchen in my panties or naked for that matter. A place that smells familiar, like baked cookies and my favorite candle scent, Tahitian Gardenia . Not like some weird food my roommate cooked. A place that is warm and inviting. A place that is filled with love. Where love is made.  A place where I can open the window and hear the sweet sound of the waves crashing. A place that is me. A place that is mine.

Envisioning home {the feeling}…

What does “home” mean to you??? Is it a feeling? Or your surroundings? Or the people you share it with? Maybe a combo? Maybe so much more. Please do share.

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