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November’s Mantra: I AM GRATEFUL!

Happy November my lovelies. How often do you practice gratitude? I try to practice gratitude daily. With Thanksgiving approaching and the horrible aftermath the East Coast is facing with super storm Sandy, it’s an appropriate time to step it up a notch. Therefore November’s Mantra is “I am grateful”.

Being grateful is a key to happiness. Being grateful lets you see what you have in a new light. Gratitude brings importance to the small things in life, opens the door to new possibilities, and brings optimism to your current situation.

At this moment what are you grateful for? Say out loud the first three things that come to mind. I am grateful for the roof over my head, my mom and my creativity.

How I will practice gratitude this month…

  1. I will make a gratitude list and add to it daily
  2. I will start to make a gratitude scrapbook
  3. I will devote 5 minutes when I wake up and before I fall asleep to meditating on gratitude
  4. I will write hand written gratitude letters to people dear to my heart

How will you practice gratitude this month? What are you grateful for today?

I am grateful for you my darling readers. Have a fabulous day… love and light, Emily

Shout out to the sources: Pinterest

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Yogi Love = YogaGlo

The universe never fails and always provides. I have wanted to start a home yoga practice for ages. I lay out my mat, light some candles and begin my practice. I make it through one maybe two Vinyasa’s before getting distracted and hoping off my mat. This was before YogaGlo. YogaGlo has and will change my yoga practice. The website streams yoga classes for only$18 a month. $18 is the going rate for one yoga class in San Francisco. Not only is YogaGlo affordable, but you can choose the teacher, the type of class, the amount of time you’d like to practice and the level. The site even has meditation classes. I’m in yogi love.

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